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Airecon Ticket Launch Event

9 September, 2021
Airecon Ticket Launch Event Saturday 11th September.

AireCon tickets go on sale THIS SATURDAY at 8PM!
As has become the custom Airecon will be having a ticket launch party over on their Facebook Page at 8pm on Saturday 11 September, come and join in.

They'll give you an idea of what they have planned for the biggest and best convention in the world* and there will be a chance for you to ask questions.

The Ben and Mark will be joined by some, perhaps all, of the Watch It Played team, we'll be playing a mini-quiz with them and they'll be talking about their past AireCon experiences.

Don't forget to join the AireCon Community to chat to fellow Airetendees, and we've also set up a Buy and Sell group, so you can arrange sales in advance of the convention.

*named after a river in Yorkshire.

Join them at 8pm on Saturday 11th September.