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Aconyte Books sponsor UKGE live entertainment.

6 March, 2020

UK Games Expo welcome Aconyte Books as sponsors of the UKGE Live Entertainment this year.

"As a first time exhibitor, Aconyte Books, the new imprint from Asmodee Entertainment, is excited to be one of the sponsors of UK Games Expo for 2020 as they launch their first two novels set in the Lovecraftian Arkham Horror world and the wacky Keyforge Crucible.

The Nottingham-based team are huge fans of UK Games Expo and have been visiting the show for many years to play games in a fun and friendly environment.

Being able to sponsor the Live Entertainment area for their launch at the show is a great honour for the team and something they are all very excited about.

You can find out just how excited by going to chat with them over the weekend at stand 2-1015 in Hall 2, opposite the FFG demo area.

Aconyte’s stories start in Asmodee’s richest game worlds.

Delving deep into character-driven stories with a diverse selection of well-known and new authors from across fantasy fiction and beyond, including many bestsellers from the tie-in fiction scene.

They will be releasing official Marvel stories towards the Fall of 2020 as well.


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You can keep up-to-date with their office antics via our social media as well:

Twitter: @aconytebooks


Instagram: @aconytebooks

If you are a board game reviewer or member of the press and are interested in digital review copies of Aconyte’s announced books please contact their Marketing Manager, Anjuli: [email protected]