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Αnastyr now live on Kickstarter!

22 April, 2022

Αnastyr, the new project by Mythic Games is now live on Kickstarter! Join the companions of the Spear in this Beat Em All cooperative adventure for 1-4 players.

Players become powerful heroes who seek to thwart the plans of the dreaded witch Anastyr, who wants to enslave the world by awakening Volkar, the most terrifying of dragons. These heroes have banded together as the Companions of the Spear, for they must go in search of the fragments of the mythical solid Amber World Spear, which in forgotten times defeated the terrible Chaos Dragon King.

Their quest will take them to different regions of what later becomes the Mediterranean Sea. Invoking the blessing of the All-Mother, the deity of fertility present throughout Alboraan, the heroes will confront wildlife, local tribes and Anastyr’s henchmen. Each game deals with a stage of this epic adventure that includes a quest to undertake in one of Alboraan’s regions, a story, opponents, and specific loot. Each scenario will be playable either as a single, stand-alone game or as part of a larger campaign that allows each hero upgrade options, scenario to scenario.

The game boasts innovative mechanics with sliding tiles, as well as epic scale miniatures with a magnet, so you can have your Heroes ride their mounts to battle. Check Anastyr now on Kickstarter