Free to play Roleplaying Games for Children

Our group of dedicated Children's Roleplaying Game Masters are back in their own expanded and dedicated area in Hall 1 (Stand 1-296), with five different games on the go, so youngsters can pick their fate, or come back for a second or even a third and forth helping.

The games are recommended for children aged Five to Twelve. No knowledge of rules is needed — just imagination and a willingness to learn. It is advisable to sign up early, as places fill up very quickly.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Eraser.

It’s the final days of the greatest battle the universe has ever seen, the plucky rebel fleet has managed to fight back the forces of the Evil Galactic Kingdom, but just when victory was assured, the Galactic King unleashed his ultimate weapon, capable of Erasing the stars themselves. In a final last ditch attempt to prevent this evil being unleashed on the galaxy, the rebels have built a bomb capable of taking this weapon out, and they know just the crew to deliver it to the target. You.

Heave ho and up she rises.
It was only after the final climactic battle with the storm king, that his last terrible scheme was revealed. Before heading into that fateful battle, he had captured the Spirit of the Seas and chained her below deck. When his dread fleet was defeated and sent to the underworld, he took her with him. Now the sea itself is dying, and the only way to save it is to sail your ship directly into the heart of the underworld and bring her back. 

Teddy Bear Panic

If you shrink down with your friends today, you’re sure of a big surprise.
It should have been a simple spell, it made sense when you found it, if you make yourselves smaller, and all your sweets get bigger. But somethings gone wrong, you and your friends succeeded in making yourself small, but now all your toys want to play, and they don’t seem to play nice.  Can you fend off the waves of attacking toys and find a way to restore your true size? 

How doth the little crocodile.
Attention all who seek to find, 
A treasure lost and left behind, 
When the Croc begins to Grin,
Dangers all you’ll find within.

The Treasure lies beneath the wave, 
For any who are strong, and brave
But heed my warning and stay back
Or else end up a tasty snack.

Tailes of Equestria

Magic is always a tricky thing in Equestria, but lately it seems to be getting completely out of hoof! Strange things have been happening all over ponyville, from rains of fish to grass turning pink! Equestria needs some new heroes to help find the source of these magical problems, so come make your very own pony character and dive into the magical world of My Little Pony, and remember: Friendship is magic!