Available in the Family Zone

Our group of dedicated Children's Roleplaying Gamemasters are back in their own expanded and dedicated area in Hall 2 (Stand 2-D6), with four different games on the go, so youngsters can pick their fate, or come back for a second or even a third and forth helping.

The games are recommended for children aged Five to Twelve. No knowledge of rules is needed — just imagination and a willingness to learn. It is advisable to sign up early, as places fill up very quickly.

The Waters of Life

Aqua vitae, the Fountain of youth, The waters of life. All fight to find this ancient power, but it may be closer than you think.

This Adventure takes a group of intrepid adventurers underwater to fight the true terrors of the deep.

The Flames Of Krakatosh

Something awakens deep within the earth, the ground shakes and all flee from the flames of Krakatosh.

This Adventure pits a group of fearless adventurers against what lies beneath the fiery mountains.

Earth Defence Force Alpha

Earth Defence Force Alpha stand guard against anything that would threaten our home, but deep in the inky blackness something turns its eye towards Earth.

The Adventure has a group of steely eyed adventurers take to space to defend our planet from Alien attack.

Firmament Falls

Something moves through the clouds above, something large, something hungry. All must seek shelter, A Storm is coming.

The Adventure has a party of dauntless adventurers take to the Sky to find the source of the storms wreaking havoc on their homes