Artists attending UK Games Expo 2015 include Wayne Reyolds, Linda Jones, Gillian Pearce, Vicki Paull andLee Vincent

Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds (WAR) is a freelance fantasy artist who has contributed artwork to nearly 500 game titles within the comics and fantasy games industry for over 20 years.
Most notably, his artwork has been extensively featured on the covers of popular RPGs such as Pathfinder RPG and Dungeons & Dragons. He is also a regular contributor and visual world – builder for Magic the Gathering TCG.
Other artist credits include;
World of Warcraft TCG (Hearthstone), Rogue Trader RPG (Fantasy Flight Games) Freeport RPG (Green Ronin) Warlord (Reaper Miniatures)
2000AD comic magazine (Slaine, Judge Dredd & Missionary Man)
Games Workshop ; Warhammer Monthly comic (Redeemer & Kal Jerico)
Osprey Publishing; Warrior & Men-at-Arms series.

“Visions of WAR” is a hard -back artbook collecting Wayne Reynolds’  artwork from the last 20 years.

Wayne is a regular gamer and re-enactor. Happy to be contributing to a hobby he loves.

Find out more on his website:

Linda M Jones

Full-time freelance fantasy artist, Linda M Jones (aka SheBlackDragon), has a love for dragons, fantasy, vampires, the supernatural and anything gothic which has served her well with her work in both the gaming and commercial industries.

Within gaming, her work most recently features within the new Mindjammer Press product Monsters & Magic, but can also be found in Cubicle 7 games lines, Cthulhu Britannica, Victoriana 2nd Edition and The Laundry; Postmortem Studios’ Urban Faerie; Mongoose Publishing’s Wraith Recon, RuneQuest, Conan, Traveller and Babylon 5; and also Triple Ace Games, Middle Earth Games and Dreamscarred Press, as well as commissioned covers for private clients. She’s currently illustrating for three more pending projects, including two forthcoming releases from Chaosium.

Linda also forms one half of a new games company, Talking Skull, with her husband, Nimrod, with many products in development and upcoming.

Outside of the gaming industry, Linda’s art is under license to The Mountain and Darkside Clothing for t-shirts, GeckoRouge for cross-stitch kits, SkinYourSkunk for guitar skins, DiabloSkinz for electronic devices and Nemesis Now for giftware. She has also previously worked for Spiral Direct and ImageCrazy.

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Vicki Paull

Vicki is a professional freelance games artist with several years under her belt producing work on games both analogue and digital: board and card games, and mobile games for phones and tablets. Clients include Mind Candy (for Moshi Monsters), and Mayfair Games.

Her approach is to consider a game's art as being there to support and enhance its mechanics. She enjoys using a combination of illustration and graphic design to enhance communication of a game's systems and to improve player interaction.

Vicki works in a variety of different styles to suit each unique game project: from realistic historical work, to fun and fantastical comedy.

Recent projects include a board painting for 'Hot Tin Roof' for Mayfair Games, 'Every Round Counts' for Thirsty Knight Games, ‘Promised Land’ for the Ragnar Brothers, ‘Bronze’ and ‘New Dawn’ for Spiral Galaxy Games. Past projects include the irrepressible comedy card game: ‘Braggart’.

She has an art blog at which, should giant robots fail to attack, updates every Monday.

Gillian Pearce of Helion Art has been illustrating professionally for approximately 12 years now and has numerous publishing credits in various fields ranging from book cover and interior illustration, card game artwork, role-playing game illustration and cartography.

At UK Games Expo she will be showing her art and will be willing to do Character Sketches. Do you have a favorite character from book or roleplaying game? Go visit her stand. The first 6 of you will get the sketch free.

Lee Vincent of Extraordinary Art

Lee's artwork was inspired by a Tuscany vacation, but soon developed into an imaginative exploration of Eastern, then Gothic settings

Lee's aim is to attract the viewer with a visually compelling image from a distance, then draw him or her in with compelling detail and complex forms.

He often uses dramatic, bold and contrasting colours