Additional Game Information

Help and information on why we need the info and what to supply

Why we need more info?

As the UKGE has grown the size, scale and variety of tournaments means that things that used be able to be done at the beginning of a tournament or game now take to much time. In order to reduce the overhead at the beginning of the various games we ask players to submit certain information to help the umpires and GM's. It is not compulsory to give this information but in order to give you the best game on the day we strongly suggest you do so. Different games require different sorts of information and we will explain what is required for each game and why we need it.

Pathfinder PFS Games

Pathfinder PFS games are the living games for the Pathfinder RPG. Characters must be matched to the correct levels (or tiers) of the scenario being played. If this is not done you will not be allowed to play on the day and they will have to try and move you to the correct tier adventure.

In addition combat role and class helps all the players form a team that will be fun and effective.

If you want to know what other players are