at UK Games Expo

For the first time we are very happy to have a whole raft of options for anyone looking to play Magic: The Gathering at UK Games Expo, thanks to Magic Madhouse. Whether you are a 20 year veteran of Richard Garfield's pioneering trading card game, or a newcomer to what it has to offer, there is an event for you in the Gaming Hall. (Hall 3a)

Grand Tournaments

Across every day of the convention, there are events designed to suit every palette. For those looking to play with their carefully designed decks for bigger prizes, there are scheduled Standard, Modern and Legacy tournaments. If you are looking to dip your toe in the water, then Two-Headed Giant team play might suit you more, or battling with pre-made Planeswalker decks which offer all the fun of Magic: The Gathering without the need to wade into figuring out which cards to play with.

For more on scheduled tournaments click here...

Games on the Go

If you find that you can't squeeze in a scheduled event, fear not, because there are plenty of options that let you show up and play according to your own timetable. Magic Madhouse are running on-demand eight player drafts, where everything you need is provided, along with on-demand multiplayer commander games. If there's a type of Magic you want to play, the friendly Magic Madhouse events team will be happy to find the perfect option for you. 

Glittering prizes!

All the events run by Magic Madhouse offer prizes in the form of tickets can be spent on a whole host of Magic: The Gathering swag. Whether you want pick up a few more packs to crack open, or save up for something special to add to your collection, the Magic Madhouse prize wall will have something for you. 

Swing by the UK Games Expo Gaming Hall if you want to join in with the Magic!