Information and schedule on the UKGE Seminars Schedule: Saturday 3rd June

Our seminars are sponsored by Cartamudi and Esdevium Games

Over the weekend there are talks by games industry experts, panels and sessions with celebrity guests, workshops and networking events. We make use of several areas for these events. Unreserved seating applies to all these panels (unless where indicated) so Just come to the room but please arrive early as some events will be popular.

Toute Suite - This is the main seminar room and is located outside Hall 1 NEC just next to the Hall 1 Ticket Booths. Look for our banners.

UK Games Expo Main Stage - Hosts the Cosplay Parades, the Charity Auction and the Awards.

Pavillion Room - This is in the Hilton Hotel. It will mainly host the Live Entertainment events but some panels may also take place here and they are listed below.

Surrey Room - A smaller room in the Hilton Hotel which will be used for workshop type events.

Piazza Room 1- A smaller room in the Piazza Suites NEC which will be used for workshop type events.

Overview map: click here. Piazza and Toute Suites area - click here Hilton map click here
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Saturday 3rd June

Seminars, Events, Panels and Workshops


10.00 TBC  
11.00 Artists Panel:  Style vs Substance: Toute

Tabletop Gaming Magazine's Matt Jarvis is joined by artists John Kovalic, Ralph Horsley, Gill Pearce, Linda Jones, Andree Schneider and James Hayball who between them have a vast array of game industry art credits. They discuss how does a personal artistic approach work with commercial demands. How to mix creatvity with commercial reality when working as an artist in the games industry.

13.00 Dice Tower Top 10 Toute

After filling all seats last year The Dice Tower are back and recording LIVE at the UK Games Expo! Join Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, Sam Healey, Efka Bladukas and Elaine as they lay down on of their TOP 10 lists. Will you agree with the crew?

15.00 Wyvern's Lair Toute

The aim of the UKGE Wyvern’s Lair is to put the applicants together in the same room with
individuals who make, publish and distribute games. We do not guarantee that this will lead to
any games actually being made but out there somewhere might just be a hit game waiting to be
discovered. Expected duration 90 minutes.

Maybe it is yours. Find out more

16.00 Write like a Pro Piazza 1

Darren Pearce is a prolific author for Dark Quest Games, Mongoose Publishing and Cubicle 7 and other roleplaying publishers and has just been named the lead writer on the Judge Dredd RPG Game.

Fancy learning to write roleplaying adventures and maybe earning a living from it?

In this workshop you’ll work with Darren Pearce to help you fine-tune your RPG writing skills and help you become a pro adventure designer. This workshop only has 15 available spaces and you must bring your own writing equipment.

Once the 15 places are taken other may join the audience but the writer can only work with the 15. Expected duration 90 minutes.

To register your place email Darren

17.00 How to Make Games Toute

How much does it cost to make a board game? Can I print a prototype for my video? What legal lines do I need to print on the box? Do I self-publish? 

Cartamundi is the world’s leading board game and card game manufacturer and will answer these questions.

This Seminar is part of the UKGE Publisher-Designer Track: Find out More...

17.30 How to Sell Games Toute

Want to get your games into the shops in time for Christmas? Jon Bruton of Esdevium Games, the UK's largest distributors of Hobby games tells you the way to go about it.

This Seminar is part of the UKGE Publisher-Designer Track: Find out More...

18.15 How to Market Games Toute

Best Game Ever!!. Warren Johnston of Beasts of War - an online Gaming media site with over 135,000 followers on its Facebook site and a huge You Tube audience - spills the beans on just how to get your game noticed.

This Seminar is part of the UKGE Publisher-Designer Track: Find out More...

18.30 UK Games Expo can support your convention Piazza 1

It can be hard launching and running a convention. How do you get any attention for your event? How can you afford IT support, cloth, wooden boards, banners and everything you need? UKGE understand the difficulty having been there. We can help you. In this short sesion UKGE directors Tony and Richard explain the UKGE convention support service. UKGE are not looking to run your convention (we have enough work to do!) but we can help you out with your event and not charge you anything for it either. If you are running a convention or planning to launch it come along and find out more.


19.00 How to run a successful Kickstarter.


How do you set about organising and running a successful Kickstarter Campaign? Find out from those who know about it. Luke Crane from Kickstarter, Chris Birch of Modiphius, Nigel Matthews of GamesQuest and others tell you how.

This Seminar is part of the is a UKGE Publisher-Designer Track: Find out More...

19.30 Shut up and Sit Down Toute

They filled the room in 2016 and played the biggest game of “Cat on Your Head!” and they’re back for 2017! Shut Up & Sit Down return to host another LIVE podcast at the UK Games Expo. Unreserved seating so please arrive early.

21.00 Board Game 101 Toute

The Who Dares Rolls crew will be banishing all manner of board gaming items to the Board Game Room 101! Join Mike B & Nate "Board Game Hour" Brett and special Guests to see what survives. Advisory content, adult audience only.