The Wyvern's Lair

Product ID:SEM3981

Type: Publisher/Designer Track

Day: Sunday

Price: £0.00

Start time: 11:00:00 - End Time: 13:00:00

Maximum Players: 300

Event System

Publisher-Designer Track

Event Description

The aim of the UKGE Wyvern’s Lair is to put the applicants together in the same room with individuals who make, publish and distribute games. We do not guarantee that this will lead to any games actually being made but out there somewhere might just be a hit game waiting to be discovered.

Maybe it is yours.

Designers: to apply to be one of the designers at this event you must submit a sales sheet for your game. (This is a single-sided A4 sheet explaining the features of your game.)

The deadline for submissions is midnight on Monday 30th April 2018.

For more details on how to make a sales sheet and how to apply for this event, please follow this link to the Playtest UK website.

What happens next?
We will use this concept to decide which games we feel have potential to pitch to the Wyverns. We will then contact all those shortlisted to pitch on the day to the Wyverns with further instructions about building a 4 Minute pitch. Your pitch at the Wyvern’s Lair will be enhanced by having some prototype to show the Wyverns. The Wyverns do not expect to see production artwork but grasping a game concept is much easier if they can visualise the idea. Assuming you are chosen we will confirm the time you have for your pitch and eveything else you need to know.

Come and watch the Wyvern's Lair in Action

Thinking about trying your game with the Lair next year? Just curious about what goes on? Supporting a pal? Everyone can attend the Wyvern's Lair.

In fact we want you to because this year the audience will vote on which games they would like to know more about and maybe like to see published. This is done via the convention app so make sure to download it before UKGE.