The Great Martian Tripod Race

Product ID:RPG2371

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Saturday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 14:00:00

Maximum Players: 6

Game System


Game Description

Franklin is the first human competitor in tripod racing history, but his team has hit a few problems. His corporate sponsor is tied up in a hostile takeover bid, so the money has dried up. The Martian tripod racing clan is out to stop him, to keep tripod racing for Martians only. Who knows what dark deeds they will resort to? As the members of Franklin’s race team, can you overcome all obstacles and get him to the starting line?

A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure, set on the Victorian colony of Mars. Pregenerated characters are available but – ideally – you’ll make you own on the day. It’s quick and easy and massive fun!

(Written by Martin Pickett.)

System: The Code of Steam and Steel. My own lightweight steampunk rules. Just 2d6, easy to play. But when you roll doubles, truly magical things start to happen.

Notes: This is a fun and exciting game and suitable for all ages and types of players. People with an affinity for Steampunk and/or British History or classic Sci-Fi will find it particularly enjoyable.