Kong Island Rangers

Product ID:RPG2368

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Friday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 14:00:00

Maximum Players: 6

Game System


Game Description

You know the score. There’s this mysterious island somewhere out in the ocean and your film crew/explorers/special ops team has decided to investigate. This will be a totally new Giant Monstter/Anime mashup.

Pre-generated characters are available, but – ideally – you’ll create brand new, island-exploring, characters as part of the game. It doesn’t take very long and is great fun. Fay Wray, Jack Black, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson or someone from your own imagination. The world’s your oyster! (Probably a giant man-eating oyster.)

System: THE CODE OF SHŌJO AND SHŌNEN. My own lightweight Anime rules. Just 2d6, easy to play. But when you roll doubles, truly magical things start to happen.

Notes: This is a fun and exciting game and suitable for all ages and types of players. However, fans of the King Kong, Godzilla, Pacific Rim or Power Rangers films should find it particularly enjoyable.

Players: 2-6