Intrepid: Pyramids of Peril!

Product ID:RPG2299

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Sunday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 14:00:00

Maximum Players: 4

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Game Description

In not-very-historically-accurate ancient Egypt, cultists lurk in the ruined temples of the dark god Set, plotting to unleash chaos! In the depths of the pyramids, tomb-robbers risk vengeance at the unliving hands of mummified pharaohs rudely awoken from their millennia-long repose!

Intrepid is a GM-less story game where you build a world and its factions, and then take turns to frame and direct scenes about characters on a variety of quests. We'll start with a map of the Nile, and end up with tall tales of wild adventure!