Innocence Proves Nothing but Failure

Product ID:RPG2065

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Saturday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 15:00:00 - End Time: 19:00:00

Maximum Players: 5

Game System

Dark Heresy 2e WH40K

Game Description

In the grim dark of the 41st Millennium, innocence proves nothing, and enemies abound everywhere.

"We are at war with forces too terrible to comprehend. We cannot afford mercy. Mercy destroys us, it weakens us and saps our resolve. Put aside all such thoughts. They are NOT worthy of Inquisitors in the service of our Emperor. In our resolve we reflect His will." — The Verses of Inquisitor Enoch, canto XLVII

The Space Marines, the Imperial Guard and of course, the Inquisition, protect the legacy of Mankind in a universe plagued forever by war, never ending battles against “the enemies within”, those vile cultist seduced into betraying humanity, or war against “the enemies without”, those completely alien xenos infiltrators coveting human worlds, but worse of all are “the enemies beyond” those unfathomable daemons from The Warp and the forgotten gods who have existed in the Askellon sector predating human colonization.

Your team of elite acolytes, the best to be sent into the Hive City of Desoleum, have been tasked by your Inquisitor, to stamp out the heretical cults that are gaining a foothold in the Askellon sector. Prove yourselves worthy and the Imperial Battlefleet will not need to be called to annul the plagued planet. Fail, and you will not live to see another day.