Star Wars X-Wing European Championship (3 Days)

Product ID:MIN1955

Type: Miniatures

Day: Friday

Price: £24.00

Start time: 11:00:00 - End Time: 20:00:00

Maximum Players: 400

Game System

X Wing Miniatures

Game Description

The FFG European Continental Championship for Star Wars X-Wing.
This will be a three day event. Day one will be all swiss with a graduated cut to day 2. Day 2 will be more swiss with a cut to the top 16 to be played on day 3. Details will be made available nearer the start date including all side events running over the weekend.
Registration opens from 9am.

List Submission:

We will be using the player check list submission for the European Championships. Players should bring with them 2 copies of their list at registration. One copy will be submitted upon registration. The second copy must be given to your opponent in the first round. They will then check the list for you. If there is any uncertainty in this then please call over a judge.

You do not need to email any lists in advance.

The Facebook group has extra information including full round timings:

Timings are subject to change based on participation and rounds required