The BHGS Challenge@UKGE: Field of Glory Ancients 15mm (Day 1 - includes day 2 ticket)

Product ID:MIN1930

Type: Miniatures

Day: Saturday

Price: £16.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 18:00:00

Maximum Players: 32

Game System

Field of Glory Ancients V2.0

Game Description

Purchase of day 1 ticket includes your day 2 ticket. Event Entry is priced at £16 however you will also need to buy a UKGE pass for the days you are planning on attending as well. These are £22 for two days, with other options (3 days, family entry etc) also available for those of you who want to take part in some of the other UKGE events.

At The 2017 "BHGS Challenge@UKGE" there will be one "open" Field of Glory Ancients period:

15mm Ancients & Medieval:
850 points, any army
72" by 48" tables

Games will be 3 hours 20 mins plus a 1-10 min(s) variable

Saturday 1000-1330, 1430-1800
Sunday 1000-1330, 4330-1800

The BHGS FoG tournament rules can be found here

Umpire: David Fairhurst
List Checker: Andy Ellis
List Deadline: 27th May

Setting Up

72" by 48" tables

Army Lists

15mm Ancients & Medieval:
800 points, any army

Time Table

Saturday 1000-1330, 1430-1800
Sunday 1000-1330, 4330-1800