Magic: The Gathering - Casual: Deck Builder's Toolkit Sealed Deck

Product ID:CAR2704

Type: Magic The Gathering

Day: Saturday

Price: £24.00

Start time: 18:00:00 - End Time: 22:00:00

Maximum Players: 16

Game System

Magic: The Gathering

Game Description

Compete in a friendly tournament to earn Prize Wall TIX that can be traded for prizes you want.

This tournament is a Swiss format with 3 Rounds.

Time Table

17:00 - Registration Opens
17:45 - Registration Closes
17:50 - Player Briefing
18:00 - Deck Construction
19:00 - Round 1
20:15 - Round 2
21:30 - Round 3


20 Prize Wall TIX per WIN
10 Prize Wall TIX per DRAW

Q - What is the Prize Wall?
A - The Prize Wall has a selection of items that you can win using your Prize Wall TIX. Each item will have a TIX price and you will need that many Prize Wall TIX to claim that prize.

Q - Some of the items on the Prize Wall cost a lot of tickets, how am I meant to win them?
A - Your Prize Wall TIX do not have to be redeemed immediately, they can be saved up and redeemed against the better and bigger prizes. However, all the Prize Wall TIX will have to be used before the end of UK Games Expo 2017.