Force of Will Area Grand Prix

Product ID:CAR2448

Type: Card Game Events

Day: Saturday

Price: £8.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 23:00:00

Maximum Players: 128

Game Description

The event will be swiss followed by a single elminination 5 6 or 7 rounds depending on turnout

Registration/Check in will open at 10, with round 1 kicking off at 11:00


Winner: Paid invite to WGP
2nd and 3rd place: Unpaid invite to WGP
1st Place: Gold Millium
2nd Place: Silver Millium
3rd Place: Bronze Millium (Decided by 3rd place playoff)
4th - 8th: Plastic Millium
Top 16: Promo Laevateinn, The Demon Sword
Everyone: Playmat and promo horn of sacred beasts

[Watch this space for possible extra goodies]

Decklists required on the offical form, and we will have them on the day

The format will be NF as of writing this this includes:

Melgies and Faria starter decks
Seven kings of the lands
The Twilight Wanderer
The Moonlit Savior
The Battle for Attoratica
Vingolf 2
Lapis Starter decks
Curse of the Frozen Casket
Legacy Lost
Vingolf 3
Return of the Dragon Emperor
(Ascended cards are part of TTW SKL and TMS and are this legal)
Banned Cards: Reflect/Refrain (TTW)

Any version of a card with one of those set codes is legal, so CMF dark depth is legal as it has printings in Vin2 and CFC. (This includes the demo deck basic stones)

The team:

Akira Mitchell
Terri Desborough
Kaori Meyer-Partridge