Pandemic Survival National

Product ID:BOR2275

Type: Boardgame Events

Day: Sunday

Price: £0.00

Start time: 12:00:00 - End Time: 14:00:00

Maximum Players: 12

Game Description

This is an invitational event and is entered by 12 teams. 11 teams qualify from regionals held around the country and the 12th from the last chance regional held at UKGE on Friday 2nd June.

All teams will start at the same time.

The winning team is either: the first team to find all 4 cures OR the last team standing, while all other teams have been eliminated.
In the event of a tie, which can occur in one of 2 ways: (1) Two or more teams find their fourth cure during the same turn. (2) The last surviving
teams die during the same turn*. In either situation, there will be different tiebreakers:
- First: The number of cures found. The team with the most wins. (N/A in case (1) )
- Second: The number of outbreaks. The team with the least wins.
- Third: The team with the least cities infected at level 3 wins.
- Fourth: The team with the least cubes on the board wins.
- If the tie persists, both teams are declared winners.**
*If players are eliminated during an Infection phase, each Infection card is considered seperate. For example: 3 teams are remaining;
the 1st infection card eliminates 1 team; the 2nd Infection card eliminates the 2 other teams. Only the 2 last teams go to the
**Unless this is the National Final or the World Final where there can only be one winner.


The winning team for this event will win flights, accommodation and entry to the Pandemic World championships.