The 15mm Mortem et Gloriam "International Challenge"

Product ID:BHG3488

Type: Miniatures

Day: Saturday

Price: £18.00

Start time: 09:30:00 - End Time: 21:00:00

Maximum Players: 24

Game Description

The BHGS Challenge@UKGE: Mortem et Gloriam 15mm.

This event will be the 2018 Mortem et Gloriam International Challenge (formerly "The Worlds")

The rules to be used are Mortem et Gloriam, latest version and points as at the time of the event.

List checker and Umpire: Alasdair Harley
List Deadline: 27th May

This is a 2 day tournament. Buying a Saturday ticket covers Sunday entry.

Army Lists

Figure Scale : 15mm.
Lists: 11,000 point maximum,
Theme : All Published Lists

Time Table

Game Time 3 hours 15 mins

Saturday 09:00-1215, 1300-1615, 1645-20:00
Sunday 09:00-12:15, 13:15-16:30