Exhibitor Listings

A List of exhibitors at this year's expo

Name Description Stand Number
2d6 A boardgame publisher from Estonia. B25
3D Total Publisher of Escape the Nightmare and Wizard's Academy. A17
4Ground Ltd Wargames, model buildings and accessories. D9
4th Quarter Football Gridiron in miniature. A brand new 32mm American Football game. G30
8 Bit Boardgames Test the new Laser Squad board game. Come join the squad! J13
A1 Toys and Static Games Scotland's best comic, toys and gaming stores, a1toys.com. B9
Absolute Dice Designer and manufacturer of dice games. E16
Adversity Games Publisher of the forthcoming Nightlancer cyberpunk game. K14
Aeon Games Publishing Dedicated to publishing affordable and innovative roleplaying games. K2
Agent November An intense LIVE escape game. Race against time to solve the puzzle and save the day! D15
AireCon A friendly and inclusive analog gaming festival in Harrogate International Centre. F7
Alephtar Games Publisher of tabletop roleplaying games, both classic and new school. K8
All Rolled Up Award-winning must-have tabletop accessories, handcrafted game rolls and folding dice trays. K28
Alley Cat Games Showing the new Lab Wars card game. B1
Altitude Management Ltd Re-write history with this advanced game of high strategy set amidst the 5 kingdoms of Medieval Britain. G22
Amusement Designer and publisher of strategic board games. Launching NIMBEE at Expo. F10
Anthea Slade Children's author and publisher of new board game. A19a
Arcane Wonders Publishers of Mage Wars and the Dice Tower Essential line of games. G5
Art of Andree Fantasy, comic, cartoon and board game artist. E12
Artipia Games A team of people who love to design, develop and publish board games. K11
Asmodee Holding SAS A leader in the distribution of board games and trading card games in Europe. B10
Backspindle Games Family games. Demoing Dance of the Fireflies/MourneQuest and a Luchador! Tag-team tournament. G18
Badcat Games Scottish indie publisher of games for ages 7–77, presenting ElemenZ and Gladiatores. J19
Basically Wooden Makers of a variety of unique wooden games and card boxes, organisers and game accessories. A6
Battle Systems Offers realistic 28mm sci-fi & fantasy terrain for table top gamers and collectors. K16
Battlefield Hobbies An accessible, comfortable games venue and retailer located in the centre of the country. C8
Battlefoam Battle Foam is the leader in storage solutions for the table top wargaming community. www.battlefoam.com A34
Bazaar Broz Come and play our hilarious miming party game - Animal Ailments! H27
Beanie Games Limited The North’s largest hobby game store and event venue. A23
Beyond Tabletop Games 3D Pawn - learn it in 30 seconds, enjoy it anywhere. L17
Big Imagination Games New publisher in Oxford, releasing its first title in 2017 - The Champion Of The Wild. H6
Big Potato Everything from quiz games to party games, kids games to toys. H11
BOARD AND DICE S.C. Polish publisher who loves to create games with specific themes (Exoplanets, Dice Brewing, The Curse of The Black Dice). H2
Board Game Extras Specialists in accessories such as wooden replacement parts for Agricola and Settlers. H4
BoardGame Guru Stocks a wide and ever-improving range of board and card games for all ages and interests. G1
Brain Games Publishing Latvian publisher of family board games like Om Nom Nom, Wash Dash and Logic Cards. C14
Braincrack Games UK-based publishers of fun and accessible board and card games. G7
Bug-Off The world's first outdoor wargame, where players battle with small teams of bugs for dominance of the outside world. L31
Burley Games Ltd An independent designer, manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of board games. F14
Burning Games SCP Publisher of the ENnie-awarded, card-based tabletop roleplaying game FAITH: the Sci-Fi RPG. H22
Bushiroad Europe GmbH Publishers of Collectible Cards games. A10
Cardboard&Coffee Games A Scottish games designer playtesting Nuts And Bots, planned for release in 2018. D11
Cards on the Table Games Showing Quiz Casino, the innovative board game combining a card game, quizzes, betting and casino games. T14
Carmik Games Independent Board game design, wargames and more. H8
Cartesian Creations Hand crafted, unique board accessories and card game accessories. J3
Catan Studio Catan Studio develops and publishes Catan, the world's pre-eminent analog game brand. C2
Chaos Cards (FTK Gaming) A leading retailer for collectible trading cards and accessories in the United Kingdom. E20
Chaosium Inc Publisher of the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. C5
Cloud Island A new game design studio that believes in the unique and the different. B18
Code Orange Games Code Orange Games has created Collision, a post-apocalyptic miniature skirmish game played with cards. F22
Cog 'O' Two Feed your acrylic addiction with our high quality gaming accessories. Custom products available. H12
Coiledspring Games UK distributors of the world's best family, educational and gamer games A27
Colour Guards (Painter Consulting Ltd) A fun and exciting new strategy game for 2-4 players. K9
Cosy Dice Custom Machine Embroidered Dice Bags for the Wargaming and Gaming World. D18
Creativity Hub D5
Crooked Dice Specialists in wargames rules and miniatures inspired by the many and varied iconic worlds of 60s-70s Cult TV. K21
Cthulu Bowls Achtung! Cthulhu Bowls. Who will score the highest over the weekend? H7
Cube We have been playing board games for a very long time. E4
Cubicle 7 The creative team behind The Doctor Who RPG and Card Game, Victoriana and many, many more. F26
Cubiko Beautiful, hand-made, award winning wooden board games for all the family. F6
CYW Board Games One of the leading board game manufacturers in China, now focusing on the European market. J12
Czech Games Edition Bringing you the best games from the Czech Republic and beyond. Games designed by gamers, for gamers. B12
D101 Games Old School games? New School games? Whatever form of roleplaying games you prefer, we've got you covered. L6
Danish Brain Games Flex your brain muscles with XOBrainer! A40
DarkOps Design and manufacture high quality laser-cut wargames terrain. A11
Darren Pearce A fantasy and sci-fi author. F11
Daruma Productions Independent games production, marketing and merchandise company. Produce SLA Industries range. J18
Days of Wonder Publishes top-quality, family-oriented board and online games. D2
Deep Cut Studio Leading manufacturer of game mats: largest selection, award winning designs, custom prints. B27
Devil Pig Games A French games publisher. A32
Devir Games A Spanish board games publisher presenting their new releases and full catalogue. E22
Dice Sports Publisher of the game Z WAR ONE. B23
Dicing on the Cake We're working to become a boardgame cafe, but until then we are a virtual cafe online, at local clubs and national event K1
District 31 Following a successful kickstarter are demoing their new game. H26
Dized The Dized app teaches you to play board games. Skip the rulebook and play immediately! C20
DMB Games Dungeons tiles and more. A16
DnDice Premium exciting and unique metal dice plated for RPGs and tabletop wargames. A8
DogEared Games Strategically chaotic games with a myriad of variations: Stak Bots, Colour Chess and Lure. G26
DongGuan Bayaya Ltd Professional manufacturer of board games, card games and playing cards since 1998. K7
Dream Big Games Ltd Glasgow based designer using conflict and RPG elements for miniatures gaming. D22
DungeonCraft Manufacturer of high quality scenery and the dungeon crawling game of DungeonCraft. L11
Dust 1947 - Warfactory.pl Dust 1947 Game- an alternative timeline of walkers, lasers and powerful superheroes . K17
Eclectic games Reading's only dedicated specialist games shop. B17
Eldritch Essences Hand-crafted scents of Lovecraftian inspiration for reading, roleplay or relaxation. G24
Emmerse Studios Ltd We make Creative & Emmersive experiences through traditional & digital games J6
Entropic Games Publishers of the game Oligarchy. D13
Erdenstern Compose soundtracks and music for games and movies. The Library of Fantastic Music. G4
Ergo Sum Games (ESG) Publisher of strategy games including New Earth and the forthcoming Dan Dare. C24
Errant Sword Gaming Playtesting our strategy-lite title Elemental Ascent (2-4, age 10+). Publishers welcome! C30
Esdevium Games Ltd Europe's leading distributor of hobby products. A29
Exilian A democratically run community of creative geekery. J7
Extraordinary Art Lee's artwork is an imaginative exploration of Eastern and Gothic settings. G11
F-Side Games Hobby Game Retailer. J14
Fabryka Kart TREFL Printing great card games for 70 years. Now the most modern games factory in Europe. C18
Fantasy Flight Games One of the USA’s and the worlds most productive board, card and RPG game companies. D10
Fire Hazard Games We create real-world immersive games, including Citydash, Undercover, and Raiders of the Lost Archive. A14
Firestorm Cards The Best Source for Trading Card Games and Accessories! E10
Flip the Script The party game that puts you in the Hollywood hot seat. J21
Formal Ferret Games Formal Ferret Games is the publishing outlet for board game designer Gil Hova. D8
Four Elements Designers of Four Elements - a turn-based action strategy game that is easy to learn. J8
Funky Collectibles H38
Gale Force Nine Publishing top quality board games based on licensed IP, including Firefly, Star Trek, Dr.Who and Dungeons and Dragons. B8
Game On Game On Tabletop - crowdfunding by gamers for gamers! A28
Games Knight Games Publisher from Yorkshire C16
Games Lore The UK's largest online retailer. T7
Games Workshop Ltd Long-established UK publisher of Warhammer. F32
Games2mt We are a small team from the beautiful Bellnhausen in Hesse. G28
GamesQuest Famous online retailer for board, card games, RPGs, dice and collectibles. C22
Gametee Ltd Clothing for Gamers. E3
Gaming Books Online shop for the hobby game enthusiast. G8
Gangly Games Gangs of Britannia designers: come playtest with crooks, crooked moustaches and Kray Twins. L4
Gareth Baker Author of thrillers and fantasy novels. F11
GCT Studios Ltd Produce Bushido, an oriental fantasy tabletop miniatures game. F1
Geek Attitude Games Belgian Publisher designing games for the geek community (Not Alone, ESSEN The Game and Taverna). J10
Geek Mod S.C. Mods for your board games. K20
Geeknson Ltd Produce high quality gaming tables. C1
GeekyClean A small UK-based business creating geeky and gaming themed soap, bath bombs and cosmetics. A19
Gen42 Games Publishers of highly addictive quality and award winning board games such as Hive. H14
Genki Gear Ltd Manufacture a range of T-shirts that appeal to gamers and the broader community. J16
Gettown Games A truly unique, full-contact take on dice-based gaming for 2-6 players. T15
Gibsons The oldest of its kind in the UK, Gibsons is an independent, family-owned board game and puzzle manufacturer. A22
Giovanni Franco Sells leather books, book covers, calligraphy feathers and calligraphy accessories following proven old florentine craft E14
Glittercreep Face and Body Art Facepainting. A25
Golden Age Games The board game with 0% luck and lots of player interaction. E16
Golden Ratio Games H25
Grange Live Gaming Central Birmingham's newest gaming centre stocking all your gaming airsoft and LARPing needs. T16
Green Board Games Providing a multitude of educationally focused and inclusive family games. Play Together, Learn Together. A20
Grimlord Games An independent developer of strategic tabletop board games based in the UK. J9
Grublin Games Cornish publisher and Indie distributor of games for the UK. Come and play our new Heist game! T12
Guards Against Insanity Ltd Publishers of an unofficial expansion to Cards Against Humanity and Confessions: The Game of Secrets & Lies. G3
Half Wing Games An independent board games publisher. C24
Hall or Nothing Delivers thematic games and world-class art where quality cannot be compromised. D14
Handycon A new 3 day board game convention emphasizing meeting new people and playing games. G13
Happy Otter Games Independent game design company and makers of the Game Creature College. E16
Harps Corporation Ltd Hardwood tabletop gaming accessories, hardwood gaming tables and custom projects. G34
Hawk Wargames Produce the 10mm scale sci-fi massed battle game, Dropzone Commander. C6
Hayland Terrain Table top terrain business who offer affordable and hand crafted terrain. J6a
Hellion's Art Artist of book cover and interior game artwork, illustration and cartography. J4
Herbertz Entertainment Established in 2016, this German company develops board and card games. K12
Hip Hop Cards Ltd Hip Hops is the collectible beer card game that is fast and easy to learn. B13
Hispa Association of Spanish publishers seeking to bring games to every player, family and expert. H23
Honeysuckle Games New board game designer showcasing and demoing Zombie Babies. J11
Hopwood Games Independent designer of award winner Mijnlieff. Demonstrating new game Daring Dustbunnies. J25
Ian Livingstone Author of the Fighting Fantasy Series. F11
IGDN A volunteer trade organization that supports indie game developers making, publishing, and promoting fantastic games. L9
Imagination Gaming Engage and educate both children and adults in fun and entertaining games. A24
Inspiring Games Publisher showcasing the Legends Untold franchise and new title Lord of the Horde. H19
Invincible Games Developing creative innovative board game designs melding strategy, theme and gameplay. G13
ITB Board Games Indie tabletop publisher with a range of games from high fantasy to political intrigue. E7
Ivory Graphics Ltd Specialist manufacturers of all types of custom playing cards, from one pack upwards. F4
James Hayball Art A concept art illustrator. J4
James Smith Designer of Revelations, a new trivia-based board game with a unique twist due to be launched in 2017. L19
Japanime Games Dedicated to bringing you the finest tabletop games from Japan and beyond! G16
John Adams Leisure Ltd A huge range of fun family games, science and craft kits, dolls, and much more. H9
Jonathan Green Freelance writer of speculative fiction, well known for contributions to the Fighting Fantasy and Black Library publicat F11
Just Crunch Games Resting place of the Cthulhu Hack, rules-lite RPG of Lovecraftian horror and investigation. K28
Justin Wyatt Illustration Kent-based illustrator, caricaturist and pencil-wielding crime fighter. H10
JWS Europe Ltd Toy and puzzle wholesaler - est 1984 - exclusive UK distributors of V-Cube and Inside3. B31
Kakapopo Ltd UK company that design and make metal dice, deck boxes and briefcases for tabletop gaming. A13
KaleidoCards KaleidoCards is coming to Kickstarter soon. Fast and fun, it's many games in one. H36
Konami Japanese entertainment company which produces the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. J2
Kr Multicases Carrying cases for figures. F5
L.O.T.F.P. Mindbending and Merciless Role-Playing K26
Lander A strategy game making its debut into the board games arena. Looking for play testing and guidance. F15
Lazy Juggler Sells a wide selection of hobby board and card games, ideal for all. G2
Legend Express Studios A board games publisher from London. B19
Leisure Games London based specialist Games retailer. Stock games of all types. G12
Lesley Bits Box Sci Fi miniatures and second hand figures. F3
Librium Games Game developers and makers of Librium and Detour, suppliers of DGT chess timers and chess sets. E8
London Board Games Co British designers showcasing The Football Game - football club management in 90 minutes! C7
LongPack Games LongPack Games provides board and card game manufacturing for game publishers. H20
Lookout Games German publisher of board and card games such as Agricola, Le Havre, Caverna, and more. B2
Lost Pages Creates the weird role-playing games you did not know would confuse you, and can all be played together. L5
Ludorati Cafe Ltd Nottingham’s premier board game café bar located in the city centre close to the castle. C24
MAGE Company From Bulgaria, the publisher of Eragra, 12 Realms and other board games. D6
Magic Geek Retailer of collectible card games like Magic. H3
Magic Madhouse UK’s biggest and best tabletop and TCG e-store - massive range, highly competitive prices. B20
Magister Militum Supreme commander of all forces on land or sea. C9
Mantic Games UK-based fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and games company. G20
Mayfair Games US-based international publisher of board and card games suitable for families and hobbyists. B2
MDR DYSTRYBUCJA Board game publisher from Poland. D24
Medusa Games Indie publisher of Nine Worlds, Tinker Tailor and the upcoming Magnificent Flying Machines. E5
Meeples Corner Online shop for the board game enthusiast. E1
Melsonian Arts Council A small press RPG publisher with delusions of literature. L5
Mercia Books Indie publisher of fantasy and historical novels including the Northern Crown Series. F11
Metagames Inc A games company that creates cardboard and RPG based games for the aspiring geek in all of us. H18
Mindclash Games and Cloud Island Hungarian design team whose debut game was Trickerion. Anachrony is coming soon. B18
Minddunes Entertainment A digital production company founded in 2014 and based in Bangalore, India. J26
Modern Horrors Publisher of the horribly hilarious satirical card game Play! Laugh! Scream! H32
Modiphius Entertainment Publisher of Achtung! Cthulhu, Conan, Star Trek Adventures and Fallout Wasteland Warfare. H5
Monolith Board Games Publisher of Batman the Boardgame coming to Kickstarter. C26
Montidots Ltd Illustrates and publishes RPG modules for D&D and Cthulhu systems. J20
Moosh Games Publisher of Bellum. The international version will be coming to Kickstarter soon. L7
Motley Sprue A board and card game team making immersive, thematic games that last. K4
Mushroom Gaming Co Publisher of Fishy Tactics, taking gaming to a whole new scale. A21
Nibiru A Sci-fi Roleplaying role playing game of Lost Memories J15
Nine Dragons RPG Ltd We make RPGs! Honour is urban grit + Asian myth; Flintlock is black powder, the high seas and low-fi high tech! L9
North and South Games Dedicated to creating fun and family friendly boardgames for players of all ages. G6
Northumbria Games A mail order and show-based shop for the specialist and the casual boardgamer alike. B7
NSKN Games Romanian publishers of one of a kind strategy board games. K11
Oathsworn Home of some of the finest 1/56 scale 28mm fantasy miniatures available. H16
Omni GENEius NewGen board games & toys offered with a combination of social health solutions via unique gaming programs. G36
One Free Elephant Publishers of ORE-SOME! and Carcosa. D20
Osprey Games Publish a large range of wargames. B6
Paizo Inc Paizo Inc is a leading publisher of fantasy roleplaying games, accessories, board games, and novels. B4
Patriot Games Ltd Custom Patriot provide customised gaming accessories for the gamer, designer and the artist. L33
Pegasus Spiele GmbH One of Germany's largest publishers and distributors of games of all types. D4
Phalanx Co. Ltd BGG's Best Wargame 2015 Nominee. See the new edition of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage. H2
Play Corks Ltd Corks - a new fast, fun & furious party game for family & friends. Come and have a game. H24
Play with History Sells authentic historic, unique abstract and not so abstract strategy board games, inspired by history and folklore. G32
PlayFusion Ltd Pioneering the future of mixed media connected play. D3
Playtest A friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters. H40
PonyPonyPony Designers and makers of Sterling silver fantasy and gaming jewellery. K6
Portal Games Portal Games publishes acclaimed games like Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers and Cry Havoc. B21
Princess Potato Jewels Fashion accessories inspired by my geekiness! L2
Prodos Games A young and fast-growing enterprise in the miniature wargaming world. J23
Q Workshop German publisher of a huge range of board game like Kingdom Builder and Escape. E4
QANGO QANGO - quick, clever, strategic - A new classic for 2 in 3 minutes. A18
Quality Beast New, Berlin-based boardgame publisher currently releasing their first game Seize the Bean. L11a
Queen Games German publisher of a huge range of board games including Kingdom Builder and Escape. E2
Quirkative Publishers of Orctions. A4
R&P Dice Hand made wooden tables for gamers and home use. K18
Ragnar Brothers Designers of History of the World and the new game Backpacks and Blisters 2nd Edition. F8
Raids Playtest a new tabletop RPG that focuses on immersive story telling and player freedom. A19b
Raku On The Board Our goal is to help people in designing and publishing their games. Join Raku Support Team. E24
Ralph Horsley Fantasy Artist with credits all over the industry and the artist behind the UKGE Dragon. J4
Realm Master Come play Realm-Master - a fast, fun, fantasy-themed, tense battle for the Kingdom. L15
Red Glove Italian publisher/designer of Vudù, a physical curses game + Rush & Bash, the world's wackiest race. H1
Red Scar Publishing Creating unique systems, settings and paraphernalia across endless worlds of adventure. H13
RepublicOf1 Presenting Softwar: An elegant, modular two player tactical game of modern cyberespionage. L29
River Horse Presenting Tails of Equestria, a family-friendly game in the fantastical world of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic! A26
Rose's Gaming Accessories Luxury wooden table top gaming accessories for all your gaming needs. L23
Rowenson Games Designers of the strategic, calculating and risk taking game 'Stellar Transporter'. J22
Rubicon Models Manufacture hard plastic kits for the tabletop miniature games and military modelling market. A11
Savvy Games Ltd Publisher of SAVVY, the 'Push your Luck' card game. C4
SC Skillman Author who writes contemporary thrillers and suspense fiction. F11
Scorch's Pyrography Unique hand-burned pyrographed wooden and leather items with fantasy and geeky themes, and personal accoutrements. L13
Scrooge The Board Game LLP Can you out-scrooge Scrooge? Fiendishly original. The mind-blowing survival game. K3
Second Thunder Publisher of Open Combat, the miniature skirmish game you can play with any models. A15
Sensible Object Creators of Beasts of Balance, the award-winning app-enabled game of skill, strategy and creation. G10
Shades of Vengeance Creators of the Era RPG titles and Champion of Earth. We'll be running demos all weekend. F16
Shadows of Esteren French publishers of a medieval horror RPG. J28
Sharkee Games The Dead Throne prototype will be available for demo along with answers to any questions. L21
SheBlackDragon Professional freelance artist with many credits in the roleplaying industry. J4
Shed Games Publishers of a classic Victorian dungeon game including miniatures and resin terrain. F30
Sibro Games Ltd UK game designer brothers present their publishing debut: Follow, who can rescue reality? F28
Sinister Fish Games Publisher of Great Scott! - The Game of Mad Invention, and the removable sticker set for Gloomhaven. G9
Six to Start Demoing the tabletop adaptation of their hit fitness app Zombies, Run! C28
Smiling Monster Games Board games, Swan Panasia card protection sleeves, accessories - publishing and distribution. B5
Sopio The original points-and-puns stickman card game plus a selection of new creations. J24
SPACEBALLOON GAMES Creates innovative and fun board games to bring people together! E16
Spectre Miniatures 28mm extremely accurate modern warfare miniatures, vehicles, scenery and tabletop wargame. L27
Spiral Galaxy Games Spiral Galaxy Games publishes and distributes board and card games to the UK, Europe, and to the rest of the World. T8
Squarehex Publish Oubliette: an old school fantasy magazine and a range of paper accessories. K24
Steamforged Games Ltd Creators of Guild Ball - A tabletop fantasy medieval football game. C12
Step Puzzle The Russian manufacturing company of puzzles and children educational games. B15
Super Hero Gear Sell cosplay items and costumes. H30
Surprised Stare Games We design and publish board and card games that are surprisingly original! T9
Syrinscape RPG Sound Epic games need epic sound! Let Syrinscape bring your games to life on PC, MAC and mobile. D12
Tabletop Gaming Publishers of Hobby Magazines including Tabletop Gaming Magazine. A12
Tabletop Tyrant A retailer and manufacturer of tabletop games and accessories, including storage foam and figure cases. B3
Tasty Minstrel Games
Temp Worker Assassins Temp Worker Assassins is a game about stealing stationery and murder in a fantasy office. H28
Thames and Kosmos Award winning selection of strategy and family games from German publisher Kosmos. F20
The Bespoke Geek Cosplay for every day. G14
The CCG & Boardgame Social Card games and Board games for every gamer. J1
The City of Games We design and publish games focusing on immersive themes, fun mechanics and beautiful components. C3
The Clockwork Tea Party Bespoke Steampunk hats and jewellery, assorted Victoriana accessories. T10
The Creativity Hub We make games and playthings that foster imagination, empathy and self-esteem, for a world where these are in everyone. C32
The Dice Tower The Dice Tower is a weekly audio podcast about board games co-hosted by Tom Vasel. E6
The Diceshop Online The largest retailer of dice in the world! T11
The Great Indoors Worcestershire's premier board game event: gaming, demos, retail and charity auction on 29 Jul 2017. D16
The Walrus Games An independent board game designer - two upcoming titles: Everdark & Playground Politics. E16
TheGarageGamer Sharing a real passion for board games. F12
Themeborne Publisher of Escape the Dark Castle - the game of atmospheric adventure. H34
Thirsty Meeples A range of games stocked by the Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe. J30
Thunder Chrome 3D printable scenery and terrain for wargames: modular, memorable and mad! F22
Thunder Vaults Believe in creating engaging and memorable board games and graphic novels. A9
Time Bomb Comics Birmingham-based independent comic publisher. Our mission - telling great stories. L9
Tinhat Games An Italian games publisher. H18
Tinkerbot Games Publishers of Ghostel - come and play our giant version of the game this weekend. F24
Tintagel Dice Company UK manufacturer of dice and hand-turned painting aids, also publisher of Grim’s Gangs RPG by Bob the Diceman Palmer. E26
Titan Forge A polish-based sculpting/casting/inspired-and-head-blown company. J5
TMG A US-based publisher of quality board games. B29
Tournamentcenter.eu Service provider for Organized Play: online platform, logistic support and tournament organizer. A36
Travelling Man A comic and games retailer. F18
Triple Ace Games Ltd Publish a range of roleplaying products such as League of Adventurers and Hellfrost. F9
Tritex Games Retailer of wargaming and roleplaying miniatures and specialist family games. F2
Trolltrader Ltd Trolltrader are world's largest secondhand Warhammer retailer, MDF scenery and board game manufacturer and online retail A30
True Crime Legends A 3-4 player board game in which players can recruit True Crime Legends such as Capone, Luciano and Escobar. K5
UFO Press Oxford-based indie RPG publisher making games that take you straight into the story. K19
UKGE Board Game Library Run by Thisty Meeples - borrow games to play at the show. J30
UKGE Bring and Buy The Uk's largest gaming bring and buy. A7
UKGE Charity Auction Lots A place to view the lots in advance of the charity auction. A4
UKGE Cosplay Zone A Place for cosplayers to meet and tell others about their hobby. A5
UKGE Event Desk Buy your tickets for entertainment and organised play events. T6
UKGE Exhibition Services Exhibitors enquiries and services. T5
UKGE Family Zone A place for families to play games together. A25
UKGE Guest Signing T13
UKGE Help Desk General information, help and advice. T4
UKGE Main Stage Events throughout the show including our Charity auction cosplay activities and our prize giving. A1
UKGE Merchandise Buy your UKGE souvenirs here. T4
UKGE Open Gaming Somewhere to sit down and play a game. J32
Urban Meadows Check out our card games! Explore perilous Dungeons! Fight epic Bosses! Play as Unicorns?! K15
Utherwald Press UK-based publisher of supplements for the Savage Worlds RPG system. J7
V&A Exhibit Game Face wall from the V&A Museum of Childhood. C10
Vesuvius Media Ltd An indie development company dedicated to providing high-quality games. E16
Viking Crafts Supplying re-enactors and the general public alike with good quality 9th/10th Century replicas. Viking Village
Vital Sparks Introducing PiRAT - A simple yet competitive fast-paced social game for all ages. L3
Warbases Stock MDF bases, movement trays,buildings, gaming accessories, tokens and figures. F13
Warcradle Studios Make Wild West Exodus. A2
Warlord Games 28mm historical and sci-fi wargames miniatures. A38
Warm Acre Publisher of card and board games, including Game of Blame and Jane Austen’s Matchmaker. K10
WaySpotting Educational and innovative board game for children and adults who like to spot ways. L25
Wild Boar An OSR RPG publisher from Birmingham, specializing in pulp settings. K8
Wild West Exodus A world where every miniature can become a hero or villain, a boss or a side-kick. A2
WinGo Industry Ltd A leading tabletop game factory in China and has more than 20 years’ experience. E16
Wolff Designa Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA publisher. D1
Word Forge Ltd Word Forge Games is the company behind the Devil's Run franchise and CheekZ, the battling hamster card game. H13
World VIP Club The world's most fun party game. G10a
Wotan Distribution Ltd Games publisher from 25 years ago that relaunched in 2013. E18
Xi Cards Ltd Xi Cards, the UK-based strategic fantasy card game. K22
Yay Games Making quirky and original games Frankenstein's Bodies and Sandcastles. B11
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Experienced marketing specialists with a single goal in mind; to facilitate fun and games. J2
Z-Man Games Canadian-based board game publisher. D7