Exhibitor Listings

A List of exhibitors at this year's expo

Name Description Stand Number
2d6 A boardgame publisher from Estonia. 1-H11
2Plus Games Board Game Publisher from Taiwan 2-B15
2Tomatoes Games 2-F6
3P Games 2-B25
4Ground Ltd Wargames, model buildings and accessories. 1-D9
A1 Comics Scotland's best comic, toys and gaming stores, a1toys.com. 1-H8
ABC Brushes 2-B3
Absolute Dice Designer and manufacturer of dice games. 1-M13
Adult Party Games 2-B6
Adversity games Publisher of the forthcoming Nightlancer cyberpunk game. 2-G3
All Rolled Up Award-winning must-have tabletop accessories, handcrafted game rolls and folding dice trays. 1-J26
Alley Cat Games Showing the new Lab Wars card game. 1-B6
Amusement Designer and publisher of strategic board games. Launching NIMBEE at Expo. 1-J12
Animal Ailments 1-C11
Anne Stokes Collection 1-K24
Anthea Slade Children's author and publisher of new board game. 1-K10
Aporta Games 1-A6
Arena of Ruin 2-C12
Artipia Games A team of people who love to design, develop and publish board games. 1-K2
Asmodee A leader in the distribution of board games and trading card games in Europe. 1-C10
Baccum Inc 1-A9
Backspindle Games Family games. Demoing Dance of the Fireflies/MourneQuest and a Luchador! Tag-team tournament. 1-K12
Bad Cat Games Scottish indie publisher of games for ages 7–77, presenting ElemenZ and Gladiatores. 1-C20
Basically Wooden Makers of a variety of unique wooden games and card boxes, organisers and game accessories. 1-H12
Battle Systems Offers realistic 28mm sci-fi & fantasy terrain for table top gamers and collectors. 1-A14
Battlefoam Battle Foam is the leader in storage solutions for the table top wargaming community. www.battlefoam.com 1-C16
Bezier Games 1-J22
Big Fun Games Board Game Publisher from Taiwan 2-B15
Big Potato Everything from quiz games to party games, kids games to toys. 1-J11
Black Armada Games 2-B2
Black Box Adventures Black Box Adventures is an indie tabletop games developer and publisher from the Netherlands. We strive to bring you quality games with original themes. 1-L5
Blackfire Entertainment 1-F5
Blue Orange Over 17 years of experience creating high quality games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun. 1-B16
Board and Dice Polish publisher who loves to create games with specific themes (Exoplanets, Dice Brewing, The Curse of The Black Dice). 1-K2
Board Game Crate Delivering the best, award-winning board games directly to your door, every month. 1-H10
Board Game Extras Specialists in accessories such as wooden replacement parts for Agricola and Settlers. 1-J2
Board Game Guru Stocks a wide and ever-improving range of board and card games for all ages and interests. 1-D5
Board Game Maker Make game components online with preview. No minimum manufacturer for prototyping and full production. 1-M1
Brain Games Latvian publisher of family board games like Om Nom Nom, Wash Dash and Logic Cards. 1-B14
Braincrack Games UK-based publishers of fun and accessible board and card games. 1-D8
Buckyball Games 1-M5
Burley Games An independent designer, manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of board games. 1-A4
Burning Games Burning Games is publisher of high-quality, innovative roleplaying games and miniatures games such as Corball: the 0-g sport and the awarded FAITH: the Sci-Fi RPG. 1-A12
Cardboard Man 2-A18
Catan Catan Studio develops and publishes Catan, the world's pre-eminent analog game brand. 1-D2
Certain Death Publishing 2-B5
Chaos Cards A leading retailer for collectible trading cards and accessories in the United Kingdom. 1-E6
Chaosium Inc Publisher of the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. 1-E16
Charity Auction A place to view the lots in advance of the charity auction. 1-M19
City Gate Games 1-L16
Clarendon Games 2-C3
Cog 'O' Two Feed your acrylic addiction with our high quality gaming accessories. Custom products available. 1-F1
Coiledspring Games UK distributors of the world's best family, educational and gamer games 1-B18
Commission Figurines 2-B11
Connected Games 2-A4
Cosy Dice Custom Machine Embroidered Dice Bags for the Wargaming and Gaming World. 1-H4
Crooked Dice Game Design 1-L24
Cubicle 7 The creative team behind The Doctor Who RPG and Card Game, Victoriana and many, many more. 1-A2
Cubiko Beautiful, hand-made, award winning wooden board games for all the family. 1-J14
Czech Games Edition Bringing you the best games from the Czech Republic and beyond. Games designed by gamers, for gamers. 1-B2
Dark Flights 2-B7
Dark Orbit Games 1-H3
Dave's Wargames 2-A6
Days of Wonder Publishes top-quality, family-oriented board and online games. 1-A1
Decking Awesome Games 1-G20
Deep Cut Studio Leading manufacturer of game mats: largest selection, award winning designs, custom prints. 1-C18
Devine Enterprises 2-B29
Devir Games A Spanish board games publisher presenting their new releases and full catalogue. 1-C13
Digital Digital Applictaions for Games 1-J30
District 31 Following a successful kickstarter are demoing their new game. 1-C7
DMB Games Dungeons tiles and more. 1-B4
DNAR Games 2-C5
DnDice Premium exciting and unique metal dice plated for RPGs and tabletop wargames. 1-G5
Dog Eared Games Strategically chaotic games with a myriad of variations: Stak Bots, Colour Chess and Lure. 1-K6
Dragon Dawn Productions 1-L10
Drawlab Entertainment 2-T7
Dream Big Games Glasgow based designer using conflict and RPG elements for miniatures gaming. 1-K22
East Street Games 2-A22
Eclectic Games Reading's only dedicated specialist games shop. 1-E3
El Fenix Games 2-G5
Emmerse Studios We make Quirk!® The Family Card Game & Quirk!® Legends 1-C9
Entropic Games Publishers of the game Oligarchy. 1-L20
Esdevium Games Europe's leading distributor of hobby products. 1-B9
Everything Epic 1-H18
F-Side Games Hobby Game Retailer. 2-A2
Fabryka Kart Printing great card games for 70 years. Now the most modern games factory in Europe. 1-E18
Falling Leaf 1-K7
Fantasy Flight Games Europe's leading distributor of hobby products. 1-E14
Fickle Games 2-G1
Firepower Games 2-B13
Firestorm Cards The Best Source for Trading Card Games and Accessories! 1-E1
Firestorm Cards The Best Source for Trading Card Games and Accessories! 2-A16
Fivaside Games 2-B31
Formal Ferret Games Formal Ferret Games is the publishing outlet for board game designer Gil Hova. 2-F2
Four Elements Designers of Four Elements - a turn-based action strategy game that is easy to learn. 2-A10
Fourth Quarter Miniatures 1-M9
Galactic Toys UK 2-C9
Gale Force Nine Publishing top quality board games based on licensed IP, including Firefly, Star Trek, Dr.Who and Dungeons and Dragons. 1-F10
Gale Force Nine Publishing top quality board games based on licensed IP, including Firefly, Star Trek, Dr.Who and Dungeons and Dragons. 1-F3
Game Brewer 1-K13
Game on Tabletop 1-C8
Games Factory 1-M21
Games Quest Famous online retailer for board, card games, RPGs, dice and collectibles. 1-H16
Games Workshop Long-established UK publisher of Warhammer. 1-C2
Gameslore The UK's largest online retailer. 1-T5
Gametee Ltd Clothing for Gamers. 1-G14
Gamewright Create the highest quality family games with outstanding play-value. 1-B16
Gaming Books Online shop for the hobby game enthusiast. 1-L8
Gaslands 2-A24
Gate Keeper Games and Dice 1-A12
Gateway Games Lots of easy to learn games for beginners and more experienced players who wish to learn new games. 1-B28
GCT Studios Produce Bushido, an oriental fantasy tabletop miniatures game. 1-F14
Geeknsons Produce high quality gaming tables. 1-D1
Geeky Clean A small UK-based business creating geeky and gaming themed soap, bath bombs and cosmetics. 1-M7
Gen 42 Games Publishers of highly addictive quality and award winning board games such as Hive. 1-J16
Genki Gear Manufacture a range of T-shirts that appeal to gamers and the broader community. 1-K16
Gibsons The oldest of its kind in the UK, Gibsons is an independent, family-owned board game and puzzle manufacturer. 1-B20
Grand Prix International Provide design and development, custom manufacturing, and product sourcing services to our customers all around the world. 1-K20
Greater than Games 1-D16
Green Board Games Providing a multitude of educationally focused and inclusive family games. Play Together, Learn Together. 1-B22
Grimlord Games An independent developer of strategic tabletop board games based in the UK. 1-D7
Gutter Games 2-B4
HABA The games of HABA challenge, encourage and above all bring hours of enjoyment to children. 1-A5
HAL-13 1-L9
Hall or Nothing Delivers thematic games and world-class art where quality cannot be compromised. 1-E8
Harps Corporation Hardwood tabletop gaming accessories, hardwood gaming tables and customprojects. 1-J24
Hellions Art Artist of book cover and interior game artwork, illustration and cartography. 2-T3
Herbertz Entertainment Established in 2016, this German company develops board and card games. 1-L18
Hidden Hoard 2-F8
Holy Grail Games 1-T1
Homosapiens Lab Board Game Publisher from Taiwan 2-B15
Hopwood Games Independent designer of award winner Mijnlieff. Demonstrating new game Daring Dustbunnies. 1-G22
Hub Games We make games and playthings that foster imagination, empathy and self-esteem, for a world where these are in everyone. 2-E2
Ian Livingstone Co-author of the Fighting Fantasy Series. 2-C2
IELLO Specialize in games that are rich with graphics, beautiful in design, and innovative in game play 1-B16
Inked Adventures 1-K9
Inspiring Games Publisher showcasing the Legends Untold franchise and new title Lord of the Horde. 1-J20
Invincible Games Developing creative innovative board game designs melding strategy, theme and gameplay. 2-B27
ITB Games Indie tabletop publisher with a range of games from high fantasy to political intrigue. 1-D20
ITB Games B Indie tabletop publisher with a range of games from high fantasy to political intrigue. 1-D22
James Hayball A concept art illustrator. 2-T5
Jashen Josson Creating board games for the Christmas season 2-B9
Jonathan Green Freelance writer of speculative fiction, well known for contributions to the Fighting Fantasy and Black Library publicat 2-D4
Juniper Games We are an innovative board game development studio, based in rural Cambridgeshire. 2-C11
Just Crunch Games Resting place of the Cthulhu Hack, rules-lite RPG of Lovecraftian horror and investigation. 1-J26
JWS Europe Toy and puzzle wholesaler - est 1984 - exclusive UK distributors of V-Cube and Inside3. 1-B7
Kakapopo UK company that design and make metal dice, deck boxes and briefcases for tabletop gaming. 1-C5
Lamentations of the Flame Princess Publishes a brutal and wondrous Weird Fantasy tabletop role-playing game. 1-J28
Lazy Juggler Sells a wide selection of hobby board and card games, ideal for all. 1-H2
Leisure Games London based specialist Games retailer. Stock games of all types. 1-B1
Lion Tower Miniatures 1-K1
LongPack Games LongPack Games provides board and card game manufacturing for game publishers. 1-L7
Lucky Duck Games Lucky Duck Games mission is to transform popular online games into amazing tabletop experiences 1-H26
Ludicreations LudiCreations is a board game publishing studio based in Finland and present in Germany and the USA. 1-J8
M44 Games 1-K8
Mad-Dad Games 2-A28
Magic Geek Retailer of collectible card games like Magic. 1-J3
Magic Mad House UK’s biggest and best tabletop and TCG e-store - massive range, highly competitive prices. 1-K4
Maginarium 1-A3
Maginarium 1-J1
Magister Militum Supreme commander of all forces on land or sea. 1-H24
Mana Press An Aus/NZ group making games to play with miniatures & vehicles: facebook.com/tribalgame 1-H5
Mantic Games UK-based fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and games company. 1-L6
Medusa Games Publisher of Nine Worlds, Tinker Tailor, and Great Fire of London games 2-D2
MeepleMe 2-C8
Meeples Corner Online shop for the board game enthusiast. 1-G1
Mercia Books Indie publisher of fantasy and historical novels including the Northern Crown Series. 2-D4
Merlin Games 2-F12
Mindclash Games Hungarian design team whose debut game was Trickerion. Anachrony is coming soon. 1-K18
Minifigure Madness 1-M3
Model Box 1-K3
Modiphius Entertainment Publisher of Achtung! Cthulhu, Conan, Star Trek Adventures and Fallout Wasteland Warfare. 1-D3
Motley Sprue A board and card game team making immersive, thematic games that last. 2-C7
Mythic Games Publisher of games such as Mythic Battles: Pantheon and Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1-F12
NSKN Games Romanian publishers of one of a kind strategy board games. 1-K2
Oathsworn Home of some of the finest 1/56 scale 28mm fantasy miniatures available. 1-J13
Oink Games 2-B14
One Free Elephant Publishers of ORE-SOME! and Carcosa. 1-J7
Original Content London Publisher of Band Manager: Backstage Clash, a ruthless game of band politics and selling out to the man. 1-H6
Osprey Games Publish a large range of wargames. 1-C4
Paizo Paizo Inc is a leading publisher of fantasy roleplaying games, accessories, board games, and novels. 1-E12
Para Bellum 1-E22
Patriot Games Custom Patriot provide customised gaming accessories for the gamer, designer and the artist. 1-K7
Pegasus Spiele One of Germany's largest publishers and distributors of games of all types. 1-F4
Penguin Brawl 2-F10
Phalanx Games BGG's Best Wargame 2015 Nominee. See the new edition of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage. 1-H14
Play Again Productions 2-C14
Playfusion Ltd Pioneering the future of mixed media connected play. 1-D10
Playmore Games 1-D12
Portal Games Portal Games publishes acclaimed games like Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers and Cry Havoc. 1-C22
Primal Atom Games 2-T9
PSC Games Publisher of military and strategy games. 1-G8
Psychic Cactus Games 2-C10
Puzzle Card Birthday cards for board game lovers. Solve the puzzles to beat the card! 1-L4
Q-Workshop German publisher of a huge range of board game like Kingdom Builder and Escape. 1-G4
Queen games German publisher of a huge range of board games including Kingdom Builder and Escape. 1-F2
Quirkative Publishers of Orctions. 1-M19
R & R Games 1-E5
Ragnar Brothers Designers of History of the World and the new game Backpacks and Blisters 2nd Edition. 1-J10
Raku on the Board Our goal is to help people in designing and publishing their games. Join Raku Support Team. 2-C8
Ralph Horsley Fantasy Artist with credits all over the industry and the artist behind the UKGE Dragon. 2-T2
Ramshackle Games 1-H1
Redwell Games 2-B5
Retro Plushy Games 1-M17
River Horse Presenting Tails of Equestria, a family-friendly game in the fantastical world of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic! 1-B26
RnP Dice Polish publisher who loves to create games with specific themes (Exoplanets, Dice Brewing, The Curse of The Black Dice). 1-K2
Robin O'Keeffe 2-G1
Room 17 Games 1-D6
Rose's Gaming Accesories Luxury wooden table top gaming accessories for all your gaming needs. 1-H9
Rotten Games Publisher of Kickstarter Strategy games such as Off the Rails (2018) and Flippin' Fruit (2014) 1-L11
Rowan Rook and Decard Ltd 2-B5
Rubicon Models Manufacture hard plastic kits for the tabletop miniature games and military modelling market. 1-K5
Rudy Games 2-E4
Rules of Play 1-K26
Sabrewolf 1-L2
Scorch's Pyrography Unique hand-burned pyrographed wooden andleather items with fantasy and geeky themes, and personal accoutrements. 1-L15
Second Thunder Publisher of Open Combat, the miniature skirmish game you can play with any models. 1-A8
Shades of Vengeance Creators of the Era RPG titles and Champion of Earth. We'll be running demos all weekend. 1-B10
Shadows of Esteren French publishers of a medieval horror RPG. 1-L12
She Black Dragon Professional freelance artist with many credits in the roleplaying industry. 2-T4
Shed Games Publishers of a classic Victorian dungeon game including miniatures and resin terrain. 1-C3
Sinister Fish Games Publisher of Great Scott! - The Game of Mad Invention, and the removable sticker set for Gloomhaven. 1-G3
Slitherine Software 1-F7
Smiling Monster Games Board games, Swan Panasia card protection sleeves, accessories - publishing and distribution. 1-B8
Spidermind Games 1-A11
Spiral Galaxy Games Spiral Galaxy Games publishes and distributes board and card games to the UK, Europe, and to the rest of the World. 1-J6
Square Hex Publish Oubliette: an old school fantasy magazine and a range of paper accessories. 1-K11
Square Orange Games 1-L13
Steamforged Games Creators of Guild Ball - A tabletop fantasy medieval football game. 1-E4
Steve Jackson Games 1-D18
Stuff by Bez 1-T9
Surprised Stare Games We design and publish board and card games that are surprisingly original! 1-T8
Swimax Ltd 2-B1
Syrinscape Epic games need epic sound! Let Syrinscape bring your games to life on PC,MAC and mobile. 1-D11
Tabletop Gaming Publishers of Hobby Magazines including Tabletop Gaming Magazine. 1-J18
Tabletop Tyrant A retailer and manufacturer of tabletop games and accessories, including storage foam and figure cases. 2-F1
Taiwan Board Game Design Board Game Publisher from Taiwan 2-B15
Thames and Kosmos Award winning selection of strategy and family games from German publisher Kosmos. 1-J4
The Bespoke Geek Cosplay for every day. 1-B3
The Boardroom Games 1-M15
The CCG & Boardgame Social Card games and Board games for every gamer. 1-L1
The City of Games We design and publish games focusing on immersive themes, fun mechanics and beautiful components. 1-D4
The Clockwork Tea Party Bespoke Steampunk hats and jewellery, assorted Victoriana accessories. 1-T7
The Diceshop Online The largest retailer of dice in the world! 1-T6
The Historic Games Shop Authentic historic board games and unique board and dice games inspired by history and folklore. 1-G16
The Noble Artist 1-H7
The Role Play Haven 1-C6
TheGarageGamer Sharing a real passion for board games. 1-C14
Themeborne Publisher of Escape the Dark Castle - the game of atmospheric adventure. 1-E20
Thieves of Time 2-B2
ThunderGryph 1-H20
Titan Forge A polish-based sculpting/casting/inspired-and-head-blown company. 1-E10
Toon Hammer 2-A8
Travelling Man A comic and games retailer. 1-G6
Triple Ace Games Publish a range of roleplaying products such as League of Adventurers and Hellfrost. 1-F6
Tritex Games Retailer of wargaming and roleplaying miniatures and specialist family games. 1-G2
Troll Trader Trolltrader are world's largest secondhand Warhammer retailer, MDF scenery and board game manufacturer and online retail 1-F8
Turtle Dream Games 2-G1
Twilight Creations Inc 2-F4
UFO Press Ltd 2-B2
Ulisses Spiele 1-D24
Ultra Pro International 2-D7
Vesuvius Media 1-L17
Vincent Fantasy Art Lee's artwork is an imaginative exploration of Eastern and Gothic settings. 1-L3
War Banner A new company to the wargaming industry, producers of the new skirmish game 'Gangs of Rome.' 1-G18
Warcradle Studios Make Wild West Exodus. 1-D14
Warfatory.Pl Dust 1947 Game- an alternative timeline of walkers, lasers and powerful superheroes . 1-L22
Warlord Games 28mm historical and sci-fi wargames miniatures. 1-C1
Warm Acre Publisher of card and board games, including Game of Blame and Jane Austen’s Matchmaker. 1-L2
Wattsalpoag 1-B24
Wild Card Games 2-C1
Wizkids Games 1-E2
Wolff Designa Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA publisher. 1-A10
Word Forge Games Word Forge Games is the company behind the Devil's Run franchise and CheekZ, the battling hamster card game. 1-G12
Wotan Games Games publisher from 25 years ago that relaunched in 2013. 1-G10
Xi Cards Xi Cards, the UK-based strategic fantasy card game. 1-L14
Yay Games Making quirky and original games Frankenstein's Bodies and Sandcastles. 1-J9
Z-Man Games Canadian-based board game publisher. 1-K28