Available in the Family Zone


Our group of dedicated Children Games Masters are back, with three different games on the go, so youngsters can pick their fate, or come back for a second or even a third helping.

The games are recommended for children aged Five to Twelve. No knowledge of rules is needed — just imagination and a willingness to learn. It is advisable to sign up early, as places fill up very quickly.

Adventure one - "The Storm King's throne"

The Storm King rules the world with an iron fist full of lightning, his castle is guarded by powerful spells designed to keep out all adventurers who might try to dethrone him. But one group has discovered a flaw in his defences, and it is up to them to destroy the source of the Storm kings power and restore peace to the world.

Adventure two - "The festival of Transformation"

In your small sleepy village The festival of giving is normally a time for celebration, but this year is different. Someone has slipped a magic potion into the water supply, transforming everyone into helpless animals! Despite strange new forms the village guard must take up arms to undo the spell and save the village.

Adventure three, "Rogue 1 - Fighter 0"

Your spaceship has been badly damaged, but your cargo must be delivered! You and your fellow crew mates must keep the ship flying while repelling alien invaders intent on stopping you and taking your cargo for their own. The odds are stacked against you, but the fate of the galaxy is resting on your shoulders.